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The information and products supplied by Sleepless No More Pty. Ltd. are offered in good faith. They are not intended to be a substitute for advice or assessment from a medical or health professional, nor should they be implied as such. Please seek professional advice if you have any health or psychological related problem.  That advice should also be tailored to your individual case history and circumstances with full disclosure made by you.
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Before acting on any of the research or opinion on this site, or in associated  products you need to get appropriate and proper medical and psychological advice.  While sleeping better may be a factor in improving one’s health and general well-being, it is not a cure for health or psychological conditions.  Other factors may cause insomnia even if action is taken on the opinions and research shown.

Your results from taking action may not be typical.

We have tried to present research and opinion that is valid. However, in some instances even the experts disagree with each other and/or extensive research has not been performed on a particular subject, etc. And all cases medical and clinical research is subject to interpretation even in the most stringent laboratory and statistical tests.

Sleepless No More Pty. Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any of the research or opinion presented.

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Listening to hypnosis, relaxation audio programs, metronome sounds, holosync, paraliminal, nature and other sounds, etc can and may effect your psychological and physical condition.

You agree that we do not know your health, physical, or psychological condition, or if you are pregnant, and that your use or reliance upon anything obtained, mentioned, and/or linked to from this website is your sole responsibility and that you assume all risk in doing so, even if such risk may not be readily apparent from this website.

This site mentions certain relaxation CDs, hypnosis audio cycles, relaxation music and programs, metronomes, holosync, paraliminal and other cycles and processes.  We take no responsibility for people playing these audio programs while driving, using machinery (heavy or otherwise), or in any inappropriate circumstance.  It is your responsibility to inform any people listening to the audio programs of their relaxing, hypnotic or otherwise state-altering qualities.

Some of these audio programs and/or CDs etc are not suitable for psychotic people, or for people with psychological disorders (e.g. hypnosis).

You agree to seek other psychological help beyond this website.

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Sleepless No More do recommend and promote products that we think might be useful and informative for our viewers/listeners/community.  We take no responsibility for the results of those programs.  Before purchasing any such programs please obtain third party and expert advice as to the product(s) applicability to your individual circumstance, medical and psychological history.

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It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the validity, accuracy, currency and applicability of all information provided.

Be guided by dosages and instructions on the product packaging.

Please follow the recommended dosage and instructions on the products or be guided by your medical practitioner.

Applicability and Compatibility with Medications and Supplements

Appropriate medical and/or psychological assistance should be sought where a variety of medications, supplements, non-prescription substances (etc.) are being taken in a similar period of time to ensure that they are compatible. Full disclosure should be made to your medical practitioner for correct diagnoses and advice. Disclosure should include alcohol use and recreational drugs. Just because a substance is described as ?natural? or ?herbal? (or does not require a prescription) does not imply that it is safe to take without proper consideration.

Serious physical and psychological problems may occur when certain drugs and/or substances are taken together, changes to medications are being made (including withdrawal), or other pre-existing conditions (including insomnia, depression, anxiety etc.) are not disclosed.

If considering going off prescribed medicines speak to your medical professional before acting. Some prescription medicines (including sleeping tablets) have withdrawal effects depending on how withdrawal is managed.

Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate.

If symptoms persist see your doctor or medical professional without delay.

Sleep Apnea (or Apnoea)

If you are showing symptoms of sleep apnea, or any other serious medical or sleeping disorder (including depression), or symptoms persist, please see your health care professional without delay.

Other Serious Medical, Mental and Sleep Conditions

In all cases, if your physical or psychological condition appears to be serious, please see your health care/mental health care professional, or call community health emergency lines without delay.

Affiliates and Affiliate Marketers

We take no responsibility for the actions of affiliate marketers, their claims or promises.  Marketers may and do help us promote our products via established internet marketing gateways. Their commercial practices belong to their individual cases and companies.  It is not practical for us to monitor their businesses.  If you see any activity on or off the internet that you think is inappropriate please email support@sleeplessnomore.com giving us the details and the website(s) concerned.

Some websites belonging to other organizations and people look very like ours.  Do not assume that they are our company websites, or that we agree with, or sanction, what they are doing.

Subsequent to the above, Sleepless No More Pty. Ltd. appreciates all feedback and helpful commentary to provide better information, products and services to our readers, customers and community.

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CS March 4, 2013 at 10:23 am

Sounds like a great product. But your website is awful:
1. Your site focuses more on Elizabeth Shannon then the actual product. Put your ego aside – focus on the blanket instead.
2. There doesn’t seem to be any way to actually purchase the blanket… do you sell through retail partners? if so, list them. Do you sell online? If so, provide a link. I eventually gave up trying to find a way to purchase your blanket, then discovered that Brookstone offers something similar (dual-zone comforter) AND has a link to let you easily buy it online.
I don’t know how many opportuities you’re losing by having such an awful website – perhaps you’re wealthy enough not to care?

Elizabeth CB March 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Hi, and thanks for your comment.

Totally agree the website is not good! It needs a complete makeover – I get that. Thanks for reminding me anyway. My life is far from perfection!

Here is the page to find out more about the blanket and to buy it if you wish.

No I don’t sell through retail partners, this is the only place to get one. Recently I had inquiries from a major outlet in the US, but the freight costs from Australia did not suit their system of distribution at the moment.

The product at Brookstone differs to the Compatibility Blanket in that it is a comforter/doona/duvet – which might be OK in winter and very cold weather, but I see significant limitations on its use for most of the year in many warmer climates of the world – especially for the partner that feels the heat.

Our research indicates that with similar products (I’m not sure exactly about that one) many couples don’t feel a significant difference between the two sides of the comforter/doona/duvet option and that it is not suitable on warmer and hotter nights.

Temperatures over 32 degrees C are starting to reduce the amount of REM sleep you get during your sleep. 32 degrees C is actually quite cool, and significantly less than body temperature of 37 degrees C. This emphasizes the importance of your bed-coverings.

The Compatibility Blanket has natural pure cotton sheeting on one half – for the hot person, and natural pure merino/woollen blanketing on the other half – for the partner that feels the cold.

As it gets colder in winter you can layer whatever you use on top of the Compatibility Blanket. This way, one half is always cooler than the other.

Thanks again for your feedback
Hope this helps

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