Why Overheating in Bed is Bad For Your Health

by Elizabeth CB on January 17, 2013 · 0 comments

Hi, I’ve just put together a page of information about Overheating in Bed, which you can find by clicking this link.

I also explain on that page the history of how the Compatibility Blanket came about, and what we have learned over the years about the benefits of sleeping cool.

One of the most important things about sleeping cool is that you have the correct amount of REM sleep – as REM sleep is reduced by overheating.

“Overheating”, by the way, comes into affect at surprisingly low temperatures.  For example anything over 32 degrees C is meant to be reducing your REM sleep – whereas our normal body temperature is 37 degrees C.

With the correct and ideal sleep we should come out of our night’s sleep from a REM sleep phase, which is light sleep.  That way, we feel refreshed, awake and alert – which is good.

During a typical night’s sleep we cycle through different stages of sleep, and will sleep in REM a number of times.  We actually go through light sleep and deep sleep phases in a number of cycles – hopefully to end in REM Sleep.

Sleeping cool is one way to avoid REM sleep behaviour disorder.

By sleeping cool you will also avoid the problem of waking up in the middle of the night because of overheating.

Of course, while one partner is attempting to sleep cool, the other one, if there is a temperature difference – can be too cold.
That is why the Compatibility Blanket was invented.

The Adverse Effects of lack of sleep include problems associated with heart disease, a higher risk of accidents at work and outside work, diminished executive function, higher blood pressure, psychological problems, putting on weight, incorrect diet…. the list is huge.

For more information please visit our other website http://www.SleeplessNoMore.com



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